Two Leagues

Main League games in divisions, which works for busy people & the BenKyo League Title Tournament with everyone, all the games you could want!


Teaching Games

Main League games are played with players around your level, but the Title Tournament is a giant free-for-all that lets you play any member at any handicap agreed upon! Interested members can learn from BenKyo and other members how to effectively conduct a teaching game.


Game Reviews from BenKyo

One or more of your league games get reviewed every month during a Twitch live-stream that can also be watched later as a recording.


Game Reviews from Stronger Members

We have a give-and-take game review system called the BenKyo League Dojo! DDK members are exempt from reviewing for others. Members of the strongest group can request a game review from BenKyo if they review enough for others in the Dojo.


League Prizes

1st & 2nd Place in Main League groups get lessons with BenKyo. Title Tournament participants get fun titles based on various criteria. Winners of either kind get permanent recognition in our Hall of Fame.